Exclusive Distributor of Lopifit for the United States, Caribbean and Mexico

The Electric Walking Bike
An innovative and intelligent way of transport

The Lopifit bike is an innovative and a totally new way of moving and exercising. The bike is propelled by a 350W Samsung lithium-Ion battery which turns the treadmill while you walk. The battery will generate power for a typical rider to get 30 to 50+ miles per charge making the bike a viable form of local commute transportation. 

The electric assist in combination with the adjustable multi-speed gears boosts the riders walking pace to speeds equal to or greater than a regular bike. The rider chooses the gear/speed they want reaching speeds of 4 to 17 MPH. Lopifit also provides fantastic low physical impact high cardio high-calorie burn exercise while riding down the bike path with the breeze in your hair and the sun on your face.

Has a maximum range of 40 to 60 miles at speeds up to 18 mph. The display has a bar which shows you the status of the battery.

Make it more personal. Lopifit is available in six different colors (Black, Royal Blue,  Orange, Fire Engine Red, Silver, and White).

High quality robust powder coated steel frame made from sustainable material with usage comfort in mind.

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